Free & Open Source Software

Ardour – Production system for audio professionals.

Atom – A hackable text editor for the 21st Century.

Audacity – Audio editor and multi-track recorder for most basic tasks.

Blender – 3d graphic design and video editor.

Element – Group communications built upon Matrix.

Etcher – Burn images to SD cards & USB drives.

F-Droid – Catalog of free and open source applications for the Android operating system.

Filezilla – File transfer program. Great for exchanging files on web servers.

Firefox – Web browser respecting your privacy. Keep the web free! Excellent add-ons.

GIMP – Image editing software for all operating systems.

Google Alternatives – Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don’t track you.

Inkscape – Vector graphics design for all platforms.

Kdenlive – Video editing, visual effects, transitions, and rendering.

KeePassXC – Cross-platform password, login, and SSH key manager.

Krita – Graphic design and image editing.

LibreOffice – Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, vector graphics, databases, and formulas.

MakeHuman – Open source avatar design.

Mixxx – Musical DJ playback supporting live track blending and multiple effects.

Ninite – Automated free application installer for Windows.

OpenProject – Open source project management software.

PeaZip – Archive utility for Windows and Linux.

projectM – Graphical visualizations responsive to audio playback.

Thunderbird – Email client offering message filtering and junk controls.

Unarchiver – Archive utility for Mac.

VLC – Video and audio player for any operating system.


Operating Systems

Antergos – Linux distribution based on Arch which is easier to install and use.

Arch Linux – Build your own operating system! Comprehensive documentation.

Ubuntu Mate – User-friendly Linux option. Powerful live rescue boot environment.


Speech Recognition

DeepSpeech – Speech-To-Text engine from Mozilla that uses machine learning trained with Tensorflow.

PocketSphinx – Lightweight CMU Sphinx recognition engine under active development.

CMU Sphinx – Series of established open source voice recognition systems.

Kaldi – Extensible speech recognition toolkit written in C++.


Command Engines

Kayleevc – Recently updated spoken command recognizer based on Blather.

Blather – Earlier speech recognizer that will run set commands with spoken presets.

Lucida – Open web-based framework for interactive text search and image matching.



Gazebo – Free robotics simulation software. Available for Arch Linux and Ubuntu.

Robot Operating System – Open framework for creating robotic software using Linux.


Voice Synthesis

Festival – Mature open source speech synthesis system.

Festvox – Tools for building new voices for use with Festival.

eSpeak NG – Text-to-Speech synthesizer that supports 101 languages and accents.



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