AI Questions & Answers

To what extent do you think that a digital copy can represent someone’s personality? Anything digital is a simulation. The quality of any simulation depends upon the “resolution” of the replica, how much information it contains, along with the sophistication of the programming itself.   To what extent do you think a human being can be captured in data? This question is nearly identical to the first. My response is that this entirely depends upon how advanced the technology is … Read More

Moving Right Along

Warm wishes everyone! So much is happening in the world of Open Assistant these days! Activity is growing exponentially on all sides. Never before in the life of this project has our team been so strong, our development been so swift, or our reach been as wide. Vital current efforts of Alex Kamosko, Joshua Short, Pablo Juarez, and Chris Hubmann are combining in a beautiful synergy to pilot this “space ship” to the stars. Additional key players are increasingly integrating … Read More

Interview with Andrew Vavrek (vav)

From “geek” to “god,” this quick interview covered it all. 🙂 Many thanks to Oppakun Lon from Cambodia for this deep and compelling exchange:   Oppakun: “How long have you been programming?” vav: “Been into computers all of my life. First played with an Apple II in the early 80s. My first home computer was a Commodore VIC-20. Was eventually hired by IBM at 18, right out of high school. Ended up being one of the first people online. Never … Read More

Hello, World!

This is the very first Open Assistant blog post (number zero), written on a fine afternoon in Riga, Latvia. Our development and management team is growing quite strong now, as we continue gathering forces to produce something extremely amazing for this universe, a fully-featured open source “AI OS” which is able turn any common operating system into a voice controlled platform for unlimited “virtual minds.” Key visionaries have provided their kind support along the way, bringing this dream closer to … Read More