Open Assistant: Open Source AI OS
Hello, World!

This is our first newsletter from a fresh new chapter for Open Assistant.

So much has happened along this path, many ups and downs, twists and turns, yet our project continues to thrive. Progress advances towards our ultimate goal of creating a free and open source AI OS for all devices.

To start, please enjoy our new "Demo Real" video introduction.

Open Assistant has been completely rebuilt to allow cross-platform installation and use. The latest Alpha version can be found via our OA Core Github repository.

We welcome your testing experiences and appreciate the submission of debugging "issues".

Documentation is now developing within the OA Wiki.

Your participation is vital!

We must collectively liberate powerful artificial intelligence tools for our combined benefit. Flexibility and freedom are critical, especially as technology becomes more intimate, advanced, and universal. Support your own independence, privacy, and empowerment.

Let's join forces!
Andrew Vavrek