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Moving Right Along

Warm wishes everyone!

So much is happening in the world of Open Assistant these days! Activity is growing exponentially on all sides. Never before in the life of this project has our team been so strong, our development been so swift, or our reach been as wide.

Vital current efforts of Alex Kamosko, Joshua Short, Pablo Juarez, and Chris Hubmann are combining in a beautiful synergy to pilot this “space ship” to the stars. Additional key players are increasingly integrating into our effort, attention is growing globally, and major plans are underway for significant events. Stay tuned!

OA Alpha 0.2.2 was just released and is available on Github.

Our email list has been established and you may sign up below in the footer of this page.

We just reached the milestone of 10,000+ views of our first video and 1,000 “likes” on Facebook.

Congratulations to all!

We continue to shine.

10,000+ Views!

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