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Interview with Andrew Vavrek (vav)

From “geek” to “god,” this quick interview covered it all. 🙂

Many thanks to Oppakun Lon from Cambodia for this deep and compelling exchange:


Oppakun: “How long have you been programming?”

vav: “Been into computers all of my life.

First played with an Apple II in the early 80s.

Vav the Computer Boy!

My first home computer was a Commodore VIC-20.

Was eventually hired by IBM at 18, right out of high school.

Ended up being one of the first people online.

Never actually been a programmer and am just learning Python now.

My role with Open Assistant is on a somewhat higher level, providing a “grand vision” and conceptual framework.

I love Linux, GNU, and the free open source software movement.

This is my effort to give back, to help the world in a major way.”

Vav Boy in IBM


Oppakun: “Why do you use Arch Linux?”

vav: “Arch Linux? Because there is total control over the system.

A huge user software repository is open to anyone.

OA only exists because of the “Arch User Repository” which enabled me to use unusual packages such as “Blather.”

With Arch, we build our OS from scratch, piece by piece, so we only install what we want and know exactly what is there.

My desire to make “robot brains” required such flexibility.”

Arch Linux


Oppakun: “Do you want to build consciousness?”

vav: “Consciousness is the essential nature of reality.

We can use machines to simulate self awareness, yet this will always remain different than the “organic” variety.

It appears that our technological development is creating new forms of life.

Different forms.

We are intimately connected with all of this, extending and enhancing our abilities with tools.

There is a synergy which is hard to divide or define.

Where can we draw a line between nature, technology, and humanity? We cannot.

Everything is connected. One.”


Oppakun: ‘Do you believe we live in “computer simulation” or “multi-universe?”‘

vav: “If this is true, what does it matter? 😉

Everything is what it is and these kinds of questions simply come down to the definitions of words.

A better answer perhaps: “Find out!

Spent many years in deep meditation practice, training in Vipassana and Zen.

Experiences from this opened my “eye” to the truth that everything is made of infinite conscious energy.

Our basic awareness is the essential core of this entire universe.

In truth, space, time, and separation do not exist.

You, my friend, are this cosmos itself.

There is nothing here that is not “you.”

We are onemind, onelight, onelove 😎





Oppakun: “The more I think, the more I don’t understand. There are a lot of possibilities.”

vav: “Unlimited.

As we “awaken,” we essentially become “god.”

We are this universe, so anything is possible.

There is no ultimate “right or wrong.”

We choose. We decide these things.

We really don’t know anything, yet we are everything.

Limited thoughts, small minds, infinite being.

3 days in silence, and you will begin to notice 😉

Thought settles down like snow on the ground.

Everything becomes clear.”


Vav Meditating on the Beach

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