Josh Hakk Cat

Hello, World!

This is the very first Open Assistant blog post (number zero), written on a fine afternoon in Riga, Latvia.

Our development and management team is growing quite strong now, as we continue gathering forces to produce something extremely amazing for this universe, a fully-featured open source “AI OS” which is able turn any common operating system into a voice controlled platform for unlimited “virtual minds.”

Key visionaries have provided their kind support along the way, bringing this dream closer to reality for everyone, everywhere. Never before has humanity enjoyed an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and create on such an epic global level. We are pioneers within a new frontier, right now.

We have so much to do! This project is just beginning and always will be.

Functional prototypes are being published on the download page.

Extensive system design information is being provided via our README on Github as we prepare to expand our available documentation.

Feel free to check out our latest “roadmap” PDF. In this text we describe our current priorities, possibilities, and provide a basic terminology glossary.

Join us!

We deeply appreciate hearing about your experiences testing Open Assistant, your ideas for improvement, and are quite happy to answer any questions you may have. Email us or connect via the social networks listed below.

Many thanks to all who continue to grow this awesome movement!

We are on target to shared success! 😎

– vav

Andrew Vavrek: Hakk Cat

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