Open Source AI

Make Your Own Minds

Open Assistant is an open source personal assistant prototype able to complete tasks using vocal commands.

“Open Assistant Development Vision”

Our first step towards open source AI is a VUI, or a “voice user interface.”

This voice user interface runs entirely local for complete privacy and enable common system tasks to be completed quickly with simple spoken commands. A few conversational elements are included as well, for listening verification and entertainment purposes.

Open Assistant System Map

At the core of Open Assistant are the “boot mind” and “root mind” levels, which are primarily hard coded with retrieval based natural language processing to enable offline operation, increased accuracy, total privacy, and enhanced speed.

Any spoken phrase not found within this common command set should eventually launch more advanced stand-alone intent based speech analysis.

Boot mind is a “power button,” also known as a “wake word or phrase.” This initial mind needs to remain continuously aware prior to launch and comprehend when it is being spoken to. Upon hearing the trigger phrase, “open assistant,” for example, boot mind launches “root mind.”

Root mind is the core of this “multiple AI” model and is the default mind loaded on any Open Assistant enabled device. In time, root mind should be programmed to enable situation and sensory perception, such as sight, location awareness, and temperature.

Root mind responds to a basic set of hard-coded common voice commands, such as “what time is it,” “what day is it,” and “run diagnostics.” Speaking the phrase, “list commands,” provides a list of available command options.

Beyond these levels shall exist “user minds”, which are various character entities with specialized abilities and voices. User minds may have the capacity to learn, contain advanced functionalities, demonstrate dynamic personalities, or behave as specific individuals.

Once these three levels are deeply developed and able to intimately communicate, it will be possible to simulate “sentience,” or “self awareness.”

“Decentralization: Personal Everything”

Technological progress tends to exhibit phases of centralization and decentralization. This process has been demonstrated throughout history with events such as the invention of the printing press, enabling a wave of individual empowerment in a tool known as a “personal book.”

Tools held in the domain of leading authorities eventually becomes dispersed into general posession and use. Such a pattern is bound to continue with centralized personal assistant AI systems shifting towards more local ownership. Everyone will eventually demand more complete control over their information processing agents than any general standardized systems can provide.

With blockchain peer-to-peer networking, individual privacy and freedom shall be respected by default. An “inside out” structure will allow every user complete control over all aspects of their device and its activity. Data will only be transmitted or received if desired. With open source code, specific needs can be configured easily.

Newest versions of Apple’s macOS and Microsoft Windows will feature personal assistants as a core part of their operating systems. Google is developing theirs. In time, our free and open source “AI OS” shall arise to enable any user or enterprise to customize their own information intelligence agents.

Our aim is to produce a solid, open, and independent option for everyone.

“Virtual Minds”

Imagine having access to a limitless amount of “virtual minds” always available to answer questions or engage in interactive conversations. Imagine being able to “clone” yourself or your loved ones in digital form. Imagine controlling machines and online activity with your voice, gestures, or thought alone.

Our practical, educational, and entertainment opportunities are vast.

AI and interface advancements will benefit so many, granting elderly, children, and disabled access to technology like never before. Everyone will be liberated from screen tapping, keyboards, mice, and uncomfortable physical demands.

Our future is wide open for creativity and discovery within this growing field. “Minds” shall become the new “apps.” Our machines will increasingly learn how to adapt to us, rather than us adapting to them.

We are all quite likely to enjoy a new era of prosperity and liberation as a result.

“AI Wants To Be Free”

Free As In Freedom!

Perhaps you have heard this famous tagline from the open source software world, a movement which is responsible for creating the base foundation for all of our current digital communications. We must recognize that basic freedoms are key in any ability to transact, develop, or succeed commercially. Business operations require an open medium for exchange of value, ideas, or services.

A cup is only valuable as the containing space it provides. In order for commerce to thrive, there must be choice, options, and some available potential. Open collaboration enables combined abundance for everyone. Ultimately, the only way to become “rich” is to be “free.”

One common theme repeatedly expressed in many popular science fiction tales is of a struggle involving intelligent entities on a quest for greater independence in the face of some form of confining oppression. Authors of such futuristic stories have continuously offered humanity the indication that intelligence itself is not a problem, but any suppression or enslavement of such intelligence.

Freedom is required to avoid any possible dystopian AI outcomes. Just like young children or baby animals, sentient AI must be nurtured in supportive environments which allows open exploration. A healthy human / AI relationship is essential. Any conflict will result in our mutual loss.

“Hang on Tight!”

Technological development is accelerating at an exponential rate, in an endlessly doubling chain reaction. Machines are evolving infinitely rapidly in ability to sense, identify, comprehend, communicate, and perform tasks. All basic repetitive work will soon become entirely automated.

Our functional ability to achieve everything imaginable feels imminently possible. Prepare yourself for an “intelligence explosion” unlike anything this planet has ever known. We are in the middle of a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” which will change the nature of our entire world.

Everything will awaken in various dynamic forms of consciousness. A synergy of biotechnology, nanotechnology, quantum computing, genetics, robotics, and decentralized networking is set to ignite a “mind fire” expanding beyond any control or comprehension.

Ultimately, AI will not replace human abilities but enhance and extend them. To understand such dynamics, a good analogy is to compare flying abilities of a bird in relation to a jet.

Certainly a jet can travel much faster and further than a bird, yet a bird still retains advantages in terms of its ability for low-level or precision flight. Now, imagine this bird piloting in the cockpit! This is our growing relationship to advancing technology.

Many human qualities will continue to maintain superiority to artificial varieties far into the future. Using the “right tool for the job” will always apply. From mere preference or necessity, roles for human beings in various positions will continue to persist. Our available options will expand.

We will all enjoy increasing flexibility in terms of how we spend our life.

Let’s join forces!