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OpenAssistant is an evolving open source artificial intelligence system able to interact in basic conversation and automate an increasing number of tasks.

Maintained by the OpenAssistant working group lead by Andrew Vavrek, this software is an extension of Blather by Jezra, Kaylee by Clayton G. Hobbs, and includes work done by Jonathan Kulp.


Useful Tools

  • aplay - console audio player
  • pamixer - port audio volume control
  • plaympeg - console mp3 player
  • projectm - visualizations responsive to audio changes
  • wmctrl - window manager control. opening, closing, resize, switch windows.
  • xdotool - command line x automation tool
  • xvkbd - virtual keyboard for x

Running OpenAssistant

  • Install dependencies and tools.
  • Download and unpack the latest package.
  • Edit to configure desired variables, then save.
  • Make executable with: $chmod +x ./
  • Run ./ Global variables will be set and will launch.
  • If ./etc/commands.json has changed and your machine is online, a new dictionary and language model will be created via the Sphinx Knowledge Base Tool.
  • Say "Hello!" 🙂 To mute, say "Be quiet" or "Silence". To unmute, say "Talk to me".
  • To quit, say "Goodbye" or "Farewell."
  • To change assistant commands and language, edit ./etc/commands.json. Exit and relaunch
  • For help, you can receive support in the OpenAssistant Forum.

Next Steps

  • Port OpenAssistant to multiple Linux distributions, beginning with Ubuntu
  • Enable dynamic voice and instant name changes via spoken commands
  • Configure syntax and actions via spoken commands
  • Install internal language model translation
  • Improve speech recognition and synthesis
  • Long-term memory & machine learning
  • Web scraping & information analysis
  • Establish multiple default 'personalities' and plug-in functions
  • Port OpenAssistant to all operating systems and devices
  • Galactic Exploration!

Join Us!

Join our development working group at:

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This README has become outdated.

Please stay tuned to the current README on github.

Things keep changing fast!


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