Is this what it;s supposed to look like?  


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30/01/2017 4:53 am  

Sorry for my ignroance but the video on the site showed more to it.

It's responding to me it seems either.

I attached what I get upon running it with "./ -c -H20 -m0 -M mind/boot"

Thank you!


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07/03/2017 9:23 pm  

Hi - running latest MINT and am getting the same.  

I have built and installed pocketsphinx from source which appears to work well but no change to the output.  I must be missing something.

Was there more information in the wiki (which seems to no longer be available)?

Does this only work on Arch? and/or are there any logs I can look at to try and determine why it doesn't work on MINT.

Thanks in advance



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