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14/10/2016 6:02 pm  

Hello World!

Thank you so much for joining this exciting mission to create free and open source artificial intelligence!

Developing OpenAssistant has become a total obsession as such great potentials become increasingly clear.  This technology will enable an entirely new dimension of technical interaction for us all.

Since my machine began talking and completing tasks,  my experience of computing has never been the same. A radical revolution is at hand.

Public response has been overwhelmingly positive. People are so very impressed!  There is a growing demand for this kind functionality everywhere.

Anyone involved with this project at this early stage has a unique advantage!  You have an opportunity to completely upgrade your operating abilities as well as provide this service for so many others.

The code is free as in freedom, yet programming and installation work will be increasing in demand very rapidly. We have here an opportunity for universally benefitial abundance.

For so many years humanity has dreamed of intelligent talking machines.

We now have the possibility to enjoy this reality.

For the benefit of all forms of awareness!

Let's do this!

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