Open Assistant in VR


Open Assistant is an open source personal assistant able to engage in conversations and complete an increasing amount of tasks using voice commands.


We are building a free and open source artificial intelligence platform which will enable any person or enterprise to customize their own information processing agents.

Newest versions of Apple and Microsoft operating systems will feature personal assistants as a core part of their interface. Google is developing theirs. At the same time, Open Assistant was born to create an alternative to such centralized products.

Imagine being able to control your entire operating system and online activity using voice, gestures, or with thought alone.

Imagine having access to a limitless amount of “virtual experts” from any field always available to answer questions or engage in conversations. Imagine being able to interact with your favorite celebrities, historical figures, loved ones, or even yourself!

The practical, educational, and entertainment possibilites are extremely vast. “Minds” could become the new “apps” with both free and commercial versions available. All machines and appliances could respond via natural language commands.

Such advancements will help so many, granting elderly, children, and disabled individuals access to technology like never before. Everyone everywhere will be liberated from screen tapping, keyboards, mice, and uncomfortable physical demands.

As Open Assistant is a decentralized system, personal privacy is respected by default. This is an “inside out” approach where every user has total control over all aspects of their device and its activity. Data is only transmitted or received if desired. All code is entirely exposed and available to be updated or shared.

The functionality of such a framework would be infinite as it is able to adapt and incorporate any tools provided via the global open source development community. This flexibility is essential as individual needs continue to change, progress in AI rapidly accelerates, and new features are continuously required.

Open Assistant on Android

Let’s make this happen together!